Fascia is the incipient initiate of SVSM health care. Why the name Fascia? Fascia is a mysterious tissue or functional glue that holds your entire body. It is an instrument of how your body functions synergistically as a machine. Fascia is everywhere and recent research proves how important it is for the healthy use of your body. Here at Fascia, we are open to individuals who are seeking solace to get free from the clutches of ailments caused due to improper lifestyle. You will be open to a unique and holistic approach of imparting wellness to your life as Fascia believes "wellness is a precursor to optimum health". Fascia Wellness studio implements the best therapeutic and wellness treatments. In a vision to continue spreading health and wellness to society, we will be introducing various ventures in the future also.

Our Vision

Fascia was introduced with a vision and intention of delivering a unique and holistic way of treatment. We are here to extract the goodness and benefits of Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Sports rehabilitation etc. to address the current health issues faced by society and provide a proper answer to these ailments by uprooting the root cause of the issue rather than wiping away the symptoms.

Our Mission

At fascia, we believe change happens through movement and movement heals your body. We empower you to take health into your own hands in a whole new way that enhances every other field of science, medicine and fitness. Apart from rehabilitation and holistic medicine we have a multipurpose movement studio that evokes your fitness goals trained by fitness experts.



Dr Shibu Mohammed
MBBS, DDVL, Masters in Aesthetic Medicine
Managing Director, Consultant-Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

Mrs. Jincy Shibu Mohammed
Master of Business Administration
Director & Chief Operating Officer

Management Staff


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